Stream: Crushing Debut from Doomed Sludge Trio HEXXUS

Formats: Digital

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama HEXXUS are gaining ground in the Southeast with their style of doomy sludge. In the recent months, the trio have been busy playing shows with the likes of Eyehategod, Conan, -(16)-, and Serial Hawk, throughout the region.  The band, featuring current and former members of Molehill, Hog Mountin, and Capsized, completed the recording process of their debut offering, Tunguska, at the beginning of the year with engineer Matt Whitson.

Tunguska is raw and filthy, how sludge should be. Ferocious howling vocals, electrifying guitars, and deep chugs with almost every moment of this album. HEXXUS are out to make a name for themselves and Tunguska is an impressive beginning.


Hexxus-liveshoot-2016-June- AnnSydneyTaylor
Photo: Ann Sydney Taylor – Website

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