Nefarious Realm is a Boston based media company focusing on music, art, film, and culture through alternative, mainstream, underground, and cvlt communities.

Diversity is a main focus, spanning genres and styles. There’s something for everybody and we encourage you to look around and lend your ears and eyes to something you have never heard of. We know that people are not acceptable to all genres and styles, so we took effort into giving visitors options to break down what they view all while still offering ways to explore. Hit the “Random Article Button” next to the magnifying glass on the top right.

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We require music to be in a download format, as it is hard enough to cover everything that we receive. Having only the ability to stream content and not take it with us while on the go makes it that much more difficult.  We will try to get to your submission but we cannot guarantee a review.  Please do not attach individual songs or a zip file to an email, send download links to the respected persons below.


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“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
~ Arthur O’Shaughnessy