Music Video: KEN MODE – “Failing at Fun since 1981”


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Canada’s critically-acclaimed KEN MODE have premiered a new music video for the track “Failing at Fun since 1981“, off their latest album, Success. The video, directed by David Hall (Misery Index, Fuck The Facts, Today is the Day) is streaming now.

Success is a funny concept. On its rawest, most pure form, it is entirely relative, and this was the subject KEN MODE chose to approach their new album with, aptly titled Success. Both sonically and lyrically, a shift has been made from the classic spitting of metallic hardcore tinged vitriol to a more raw indie aesthetic.

On Success KEN MODE pay tribute to where they’ve come from, saluting both their Canadian Prairie roots and a time when they first started to care about making music. This was a time when the burgeoning ‘grunge’ and Touch & Go/Dischord scenes of the late 80’s and early 90s, with bands like Nirvana, Big Black, Cop Shoot Cop, the Cows, Circus Lupus, and Drive Like Jehu were warping their teenage minds. Lyrically, the band’s fascination with comedy spirals around classical western concepts of ‘success’ – from employment, sex, marriage, religion, socioeconomic standing, and the perceptions people have of how they, and those around them, fit into the world. Regarding the video, the band comments:

“We teamed up with the maniac David Hall to create the ultimate corporate statement. I’m not sure either of us really know what we’re doing anymore. At least we’re having fun with it; or not.”


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