4’o’Clock Slam: GOREPOT

Formats: CD | Digital

4’o’Clock Slam is a reoccurring segment every Wednesday at 4:00pm (EST) where we offer the best in slam, brutal death metal, goregrind, and other acquired tastes at the extremes of the death metal spectrum.

GOREPOT started off as a one-man band, but later expanded to a three-piece after the first album, 2009’s Happy Hour. From the far east land of Taiwan GOREPOT combines a bunch of elements such as sickness, pigs, gore, blood, beer bongs, and the magic dragon. They released their fifth full-length In Pot We Trust at the very end of December last year via Indonesian label Brutal Mind

Amidst all the chaos and the machine-minigun drumming, they insert some hilarious samples throughout some of the songs breaking things up and providing a good laugh while slamming away. In Pot We Trust is one entertainingly brutal album filled with deep chugs, tasteful squeals, and overall very well crafted songs with a lot of personality.

Standout songs from the marijuana themed outfit are: “Gorepot Is A Serious Band,” “Yogafire,” and “Bowl Nugs n’ Harmony.”


Matt Darcy

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