Russian Goregrinders SMOTHERED BOWELS Unleashing Mini-Movie

SmotheredBowels-USButcher-minimovieInsane Russian goregrind merchants SMOTHERED BOWELS are reaching out to their fans around the world, to help them finish the production of their hugely ambitious video project for classic track “U.S. Butcher“. Not content with the usual promo video, the band decided that the brutal anti-hero of “U.S. Butcher” deserved more, so they set out to make a complete mini-movie to tell his blood-soaked tale.

The band began filming in a secret location outside Moscow and all was progressing well; but somehow, such was the intensity of their blast-beat driven madness, the Butcher was infused with demonic life and drawn from the screen into reality! The result of this hideous spawning was nothing less than utter carnage and the Butcher remains free to pursue his riot of cruelty and mindless slaughter. The only way to return the beast to the realms of dark fantasy is for Smothered Bowels to finish their story and complete the filming of “U.S. Butcher” – but funds are running short…


Even in times as dark and desperate as these, SMOTHERED BOWELS are not expecting their fans to part with their money for nothing. They have set up a fundraising campaign with an array of gory products available in exchange for pledges of support. CDs, exclusive t-shirts, bloody butcher’s aprons, horrifying figurines of the Butcher himself…the band are even offering to write and record a gore-grind anthem for one dedicated supporter! Time is short, people are dying and the Butcher roams free – so head to the campaign page and play your part in saving humanity from this unwittingly unleashed horror.


With all this drama and excitement going on it would be easy to forget the hammering, unstoppable music of SMOTHERED BOWELS, but that would be a crime as gruesome as any committed by the Butcher. Be sure to grab yourself a copy of Thorax Driller (2014, Bizarre Leprous Production) and the recently released compilation Repulsive Recollections (both available at name-your-price offerings on Bandcamp) and prepare for the ultimate in goregrind to be unleashed!