Review: AMON AMARTH – ‘Jomsviking’ (Metal Blade)

AmonAmarth-Jomsviking-albumcoverartAmon Amarth are an amazing band. Throughout the bands history they have shown their prowess in the metal world by continuing to release heavy yet melodic music that makes their Swedish ancestors proud. Jomsviking, the bands 10th studio album makes metals rock’n’roll roots come to life. Spotlight tracks “One Against All” and “Raise Your Horns” really show the major influence from albums like With Oden On Our Side and their last effort Deceiver Of The Gods. Amon Amarth have upped their guitar harmonies by utilizing more melodies with harmonic nodes, while simultaneously complementing pounding drums that make use of more than just double bass drum. Lyrically Jomsviking is much more human than other releases. It almost feels like a Hatebreed record, but for Vikings.

“It almost feels like a Hatebreed record, but for Vikings.”

Andy Sneap‘s studio work is to be expected. On “Raise Your Horns“, we find that the guitar is very soft and less crunchy than other albums he’s done. With “The Way Of Vikings“, nearly half way through Jomsviking, bass all of a sudden comes alive. A kin to tracks as “One Thousand Burning Arrows“, Lundström‘s playing was jazzy and welcomed the appearance of vocals and guitar. Johan Hegg‘s usage of dramatic narration on the album took us directly to the source. The source being the thematically diverse songs on the record that you just don’t hear in other Amon Amarth releases. Noted imagery on the album includes mountains, Viking ships, battlefields, and small clubs wrapped in pipe smoke and dark ales. Which is a good thing because the production wasn’t the high point on this record, the playing was. Plainly stated, this album will have you drinking beer, banging your head, and drumming on your knees; just like the Jomsviking, the metal heads that have followed the band since 1992. A year after I was born. Play it, seize it, scratch it, wear it, own it. And you may too live amongst the Jomsviking; fight for honor, living for death, worshipping Odin and Thor, never surrendering, pagan ritual. Ok you get the idea. Play it from start to end. And rock out to some Doro Pesch! Haha! Definitely a banger.

Rating: [usr 3.5]

By: John Haag
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