Hardcore Retrospective: STRIFE – ‘One Truth’ (1994)

Artwork and photography for the front (shown) and back cover by Chris Toliver.

Victory Records was only on their fifth year as a label in 1994, when they released One Truth, the first LP from STRIFE on November 18th. Around this time, Victory was releasing music from Earth Crisis(Firestorm EP – 1993, Destroy the Machines – 1995) and Snapcase (Lookinglasself – 1993). Calling the Los Angeles, CA area home, STRIFE formed in 1991 and quickly became one the first hardcore bands from the West Coast to achieve global recognition. One Truth, released 22-years ago, has gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies and is still available for purchase on CD through Victory.

Their music, where thrash metal met hardcore dynamics and flair, was full of heart and energy. More powerful than the sound they created was the message they stood behind. Straight Edge activism and choosing your own (positive) lifestyle. We all have our principals, our standards, viewpoints on morals and ethics, STRIFE was a refreshing voice in standing up for your rights, standing up for your beliefs, especially at the time.

Show flyer for a Strife gig happening in the basement of Trustkill Records label owner home.
New Jersey, January 8th, 1994.

One Truth was recorded at Dave’s Underground in February through April 1994 in Hollywood, California, while mastering was handled by Metropolis Mastering. The lineup consisted of vocalist Rick Rodney, guitarist Andrew Kline, bassist Chad J. Pedersen, and Sid Niesen on drums.

As of more recent times, STRIFE released their latest effortIncision, this past September on Kline‘s own label WAR Records.  Terror‘s Nick Jett produced the EP, while Igor Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy/ex-Sepultura) also appears on drums. Both Ringworm vocalist James “Human Furnace” Bulloch and ex-Integrity guitarist Aaron Melnick guest upon it.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKX1vn4n4cg[/embedyt]

One Truth track listing:
1. Through and Through
2. What Will Remain
3. Lift
4. Still Rise
5. Face
6. Am I the Only One
7. Arms of the Few
8. To the Surface
9. Shadow’s End
10. Slipping
11. Moments Lost
12. Question Mark
13. Inner Struggle
14. Calm the Fire

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