The Palladium Said To Be Staying Open – UPDATE

It is being said by the Palladium and MassConcerts staff that the historical building will be staying open.  This is after news broke from Worcester Magazine stating that the venue may be demolished to make a parking lot, read about that here.  The Palladium has made a statement on their website reading:

“Despite false rumors of The Palladium closing we are open and have no plans to close our doors. Yes Taxes are up 200% but our landlord is appealing. While the tax and rent increase will put us in a difficult position financially we will do our best to make things work while the tax appeal process plays out.  We have been blown away by the groundswell of support we have received and want to thank everyone for reaching out. We will continue to bring great live music to Worcester”

Additionally, in a comment from Scott Lee, organizer of the New England Hardcore and Metal Fest, relayed by a very close party read:

“Naw.  There wont be any announcement. It’s all bullshit.  Fuck the sites.  It’s not happening, it’s not real.  No need to comment on it.  Taxes went up.  Sucks but it happens.  Palladium is not closing.”