Heavy Metal Painter Paolo Girardi Announces Philadelphia Art Show

Renowned heavy metal artist and oil painter Paolo Girardi has announced an exclusive North American art show at the Philadelphia art gallery The Convent. The free event/meet and greet will take place on July 13th at 7 p.m. and feature Girardi‘s artwork up close and personal.

Paolo Girardi is most known for his painted works for the heavy metal scene, having created modern classics in every sense of the word. Among his body of work, Paolo‘s iconic oil paintings have graced album covers of over 100 international album releases by 80+ artists and 20+ international labels, featuring acclaimed bands such as Power Trip, Bell Witch, Artifical Brain, Hooded Menace, The Lion’s Daughter, Diocletian, Black Breath, Decaying Purity, Nocturnal Graves, Firespawn, and many, many more. Through both his astounding level of creativity and sheer magnitude of output, Paolo has cemented himself and his work as some of the recognizable in the worldwide heavy metal scene, and a standard for quality in both scope and vision.

Self taught with roots in 17th century European style painting and a background in historic fresco restoration, Girardi‘s art mirrors the scope of human emotion: works range from calm, colorful, and serene still life landscapes, to battlefields featuring nightmarish depictions of demons, torment, and horror.

The Convent Philly
1648E Berks st., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125
Time: 7pm – 10pm


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