The Hotter Side of Metal: Mischief Madness

How long have you been modeling?

Believe it or not, I have just recently begun modeling on a serious level in January of this year! I seem to be off to a great start! 

What made you get into it?

A curiosity for modeling first began last year when I was asked at a tattoo convention to do a photoshoot. They took me in the back and we did something really quick but I was so proud after we were done that a few months later I started doing some freelance work of my own.

What is a goal you would like to achieve while modeling?

I think my favorite line from one my favorite movies (Party Monster) would sum it up perfectly! “Money, Success, Fame, Glamour” But to be more specific, I would like to become an experienced and well known model/spokeswoman in the communities that I personally have a passion for or for a company whose products I enjoy.

Any funny or embarrassing moments while doing a shoot?

Why yes, indeed there is! The first latex outfit that I ever wore required lube to get into (latex is such a delicate material). So I did just that, lubed myself up and stuffed myself into this dress. I was, maybe, in this outfit say 5 minutes…when I begin to feel a trickling going down my leg. I giggle and say “There is lube running down the back of my leg”. The maker of the dress laughs and replies, “That’s not lube, honey; that’s sweat from your ass!”

What are three bands you have been listening to a lot lately?

The Browning is my current obsession. It combines 2 of my favorite genres, hardstyle and metalcore.  As Blood Runs Black, they are brutal and really cool guys to hang out with after the show.  Upon A burning body, their album titled “The World Is Ours” is heavy as shit…but the theme of the album is so thug I can’t help feelin hood 

First concert you’ve ever gone to?

Adema when I was 14 years old. I won these tickets on a radio station and really it was the only way to convince my mom to let me go. She still thought I was too young! lol

Do you play an instrument or sing?

I can play bass and guitar. Not gonna lie, its been a couple years since I’ve practiced. 

Who do you think is the hottest musician?

Oh boy! Make me think now….I like Sinister Gates from A7X. His style is very sexy and manly. And the opposite of that would be Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth (say around 5 years ago when he was still in his glory days) who is a very beautiful gothic man.

What’s something crazy or surreal you have experienced?

My first suspension in April 2012. I feel that having my feet leave the ground and being able to finally fly as being one of my greatest accomplishments. Also the best natural high of my life! Right next to shrooms… 

What is a big turn on for you?

Tattoos, piercings, muscles, style and brains. What can I say, I like them hunky and smart!

When it comes to dating, what is some advice you would like to give?

Never settle for anything less than you deserve.

Honestly, favorite position?

I like to rock the boat myself personally so let me take the reigns. Its the dominatrix in me.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Neither!! Lol. SKYRIM!!!

Model websites:  Facebook – Model Mayhem
Photos by: Jeremiah Cooper: Facebook – Model Mayhem
Tattoo Artist: Brant Maize @ Electric Art Tattoo and Body Piercing – Facebook