The Hotter Side of Metal: Aleena Cacchillo

How long have you been modeling?

Started when I was 18.

What made you get into it?

I’m a fashion major, I started modeling my own designs for a portfolio class.

What is your favorite assignment you have been a part of?

Working Summer music fests, Warped Tour, Mayhem, and Uproar.  Equally to working with the underground hip hop scene with artists such as Chris Webby, Apathy, and Duece Bug.  As well as being featured in a Jadakiss video.

When you’re not modeling what do you like to do?

I try to relax as much as I can… I work alot, like to keep busy.

What are three bands you have been listening to a lot lately?

Brand New, Bayside, Bright eyes.

What was the last concert you went to?

Dead By Wednesday/Kali ma -Toads Place.

What’s something crazy or surreal you have experienced?

Hard to choose one thing when I deal with the abnormal craziness every day.

Who do you think is the hottest musician?

Brandon Boyd (Incubus).

What do you feel most comfortable wearing?

Whatever looks good to me at that moment in time.

Lace or leather?


Star Wars or Star Trek?


Model websites: Facebook – Model Mayhem
Top photo by: S. Borgnis – Facebook
Second photo by: Nicole Gossett – Facebook
Third photo by: Blue Cow Designs – Website –  Facebook
Bottom two photos by: Reel Design