NRP Interview: Alex Walshaw of LORD OF WAR

Nefarious Realm: Your debut Unique Leader Records album just came out on January 31st, for the person who has not heard of Lord of War, how would you describe the effort?

Alex Walshaw: The effort as far as working to release it goes it was hard work, a  lot of time and patience went into the record, and we released it ourselves and payed money to have it distributed to online retailers and then right after had to pull it all down because the label was going to license it ha, but the bands effort is trying to make our presence more known to the world and never stop working hard and doing what you believe in because your dreams can come true. (If none of this answers your question lol let me know and we can go over it)

Nefarious Realm: It states on the band’s Facebook, that Lord of War is a “Space Metal” band, could you describe this?

Alex Walshaw: “Space Metal” would be a quick term used to describe what most people would call “Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal” in which what you’re listening to displaces you from wherever you are. It takes you on a journey and in this case it reaches into the realms of the cosmos. So when I listen to Nile I go to Egypt because they are powerful enough to move me there and put me in a mind set with a different time of the ancients of the past with their sound. What I hope to do is let people go on a journey outside of Earth when they listen to us so we use a lot of ethereal effects and “spacey” sounding stuff combined with hard hitting metal, and other worldly lyrical content to bring that experience to life for ourselves and the fans. From what the fans have responded with it seems they too share the same journey so it looks like we’ve done our in achieving what we had set out to do. Next album though will be a lot more.

Nefarious Realm: How did the signing with Unique Leader happen?

Alex Walshaw: The label came through form our new drummer Brent Silletto (ex-Rings Of Saturn) he contacted us and we all decided we wanted to do the band together after our former drummer had left and then he said “I’m pretty sure if you contact UL they will respond instantly” So we did, and I believe the very next day there was a response with an offer. Needless to say we were pretty damn excited, we had hit up other labels, some with no responses and others with “strong material just not what we’re looking for at this time”

Nefarious Realm: You guys worked with Arde Ostowari to record the album, how was working with him and where did you guys record?

Alex Walshaw: Working with Arde was fantastic, we all knew each other from back when Burning The Masses had just gotten started, their original vocalist used to be involved in my past projects so we were all around each other from time to time and I went to high school with the other guitarist. We hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in years and then I saw Arde on facebook, added him, and he said he had started recording and had a home studio, so we checked it out. Everything was done out of his home studio, he’s an amazing producer and had some killer ideas for the direction to go with some of the songs. We’ll be going back for the next record for sure.

Nefarious Realm: Now that you have the new release, what’s next for the band?

Alex Walshaw: The main focus and priority is getting out there and touring in support of the new release and we’ve talked with several bands and management to get that underway, so hopefully soon we’ll be out there!

Nefarious Realm: How long have you been playing guitar and what inspired you to pick up the instrument?

Alex Walshaw: I get asked this all the time “how long have you been playing?” and I honestly don’t know the answer. I know it happened probably freshman or sophomore year in high school and I know it was on a Valentines Day because this acoustic was on sale and I grabbed it. What inspired me to pursue music and the instrument though was Blink 182. Haters are going to hate and that’s fine, but in all honesty I just loved all the energy that came from it and the response they had at shows and I knew I wanted to be involved with music because it made me feel good. No shame in what I listen to, I’ll blast the most brutal death metal or grind, just as loud as the most pop and radio friendly stuff in my car and love every minute of it, because I am music and music is me.

Nefarious Realm: Lord of War formed in 2008, how did the project start?

Alex Walshaw: It started with our original guitarist Robert Alaniz and I when after 2 or 3 years of him living in Texas he came back down to San Diego and we had always been in bands since high school. So we said lets try something different than what we had done in the past, and so it began. Every band before had been pop punk driven material, ha, so this was a HUGE change in direction and we both had to learn to be able to adapt to the genre and play something outside of power chords.

Nefarious Realm: When did you know that you wanted to be in a band?

Alex Walshaw: I think this would tie in with number 6, what happened was me and my friend got in HUGE trouble this one summer and had to spend it mowing peoples lawns, washing cars, and raking leaves. But there was one neighbor washing his car in the driveway while we did yard work blasting Enema of the State and we liked it a lot so he went inside and brought us a copy to take home and then that following Valentines day was when I bought the guitar.