VILE Showcase: Karl Dahmer

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On May 20th, the classic Cannibal Corpse album Vile will turn 20 years old. We thought it would be pretty cool to have several artists and illustrators create an original work with only the song title and lyrics as the sole concept. Artists from around the world were happy to oblige and come together to truly make this exhibit something special. Leading up to the exhibit, we will be speaking to several of the artists and giving you all a further glimpse of who there are and their work.

Opening night, as luck would have it, is May 20th at Eridanos in Cambridge, MA and run through June 11th. The Facebook event page can be found here, while full details of the VILE Exhibit can be found here.

For over 22 years, Karl Dahmer has been mastering his illustration skills. He has recently graduated from Pittsburg State University with his Bachelors in Fine Arts. Karl is currently working as a freelance illustrator.

To offer a glimpse into a portion of his clientele, Dahmer has provided artwork for some of the world’s most extreme bands such as Impetigo, Enabler, Lord Dying, Incantation, Cemetery Rapist, Wretched, Coffin Syrup, Goemagot, Midnight, and many others.


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