INDESINENCE Complete Work On New Album; Stream New Song

UK cult atmospheric death/doom band INDESINENCE have completed work on their much-anticipated new album Vessels Of Light And Decay.  To  be officially released Sept 18th and to be lavishly packaged in a thick hardcover digibook (this will be the only format the album will be available in, initially).

Six years after the band’s follow-up to their colossal Noctambulism debut (and nine years since we were blown away by their Ecstatic Lethargy demo when it came out), Vessels Of Light And Decay, while only being the band’s second full-length in their decade-plus year career, shows the obsessiveness and fine attention to detail in which INDESINENCE employ when creating such vast, epic, ocean engulfing monstrous soundscapes.  During the listening discourse of Vessels Of Light And Decay one will witness how this work of deathly doom metal art evolves into a monolithic sonic monstrosity making them one of the UK’s most prominent death/doom bands today.

Vessels Of Light And Decay track listing:
1. Flux
2. Paradigms
3. Vanished Is The Haze
4. Communion
5. La Madrugada Eterna
6. Fade (Further Beyond)
7. Unveiled