Review: MURDOC – ‘Murdoc’ (self release)

MURDOC recently unleashed their self titled EP onto the world, with four songs recorded at the swanky Brick HitHouse with Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead, Widow Sunday, Hand of Mercy).  The songs are definitely heavy as they mix elements of deathcore and death metal.  The chugs, breakdowns, and the vocals of Dom Dimonte reminding me of Whitechapel and the riffage and drumming of Revocation during their more fast pace moments.  “Creatures of the Night” starts the EP off and has a few catchy guitar parts.  The third track, “The Problem” is the best song of the four.  Really digging the fast, slow, fast, slow pace to the song and really love the guitars, which range from chugs, squeals, and a killer solo at the end of the song, courtesy of Matt Meserve and Neil Dumaine.  It’s a good first effort from the newly formed band, though it seems to be lacking something.  Perhaps more range in vocals, I think some higher shreaks would fit in nicely here and there.  Amping up the technicality and structure so not to be so breakdown-ish I think would bring the band up a notch.  But hey, the kids nowadays love breakdowns, so I’m sure they’ll love it.

RATING: 6.5 / 10

By: Matt Darcy
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