New England Metal and Hardcore Fest Recap – Part 2 – STICK TO YOUR GUNS

On Sunday, bands like RECON, ON BROKEN WINGS, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, and SLEEPING GIANT filled the upstairs.  STICK TO YOUR GUNS stole the stage, the entire floor was either singing/screaming along, throwing down in the pit, or jumping onstage.  Throughout their set they had people gathering around vocalist Jesse Barnett, either from the floor on joining him on stage. At one point towards the end of STYG‘s set, 40 kids must have been up there grabbing the mic and belting away.   We tried looking for photos or video of this, but to no luck.  It was truly a sight to see.  The words Barnett spoke between songs were very inspiring and just made the audience get into it even more.  Visit Return To The Pit for a gallery of photos from STICK TO YOUR GUNS and other bands performing on the Sunday date of the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest.