Zombie Apocalypse: Nate Johnson of FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY

In the first piece to our new Zombie Apocalypse segment, where we are asking band members what they would do if a zombie outbreak happened, we have FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY frontman Nate Johnson.

You’re at your house alone, when The TV starts transmitting a warning that zombies are coming and will be in your location at dusk. Phones are already dead, along with cell phones and the internet…  What would you do first?

Panic, maybe just a little, then quickly remind myself that shit is about to get REAL awesome.

You need to gather supplies and only have daylight to reach 2 locations, where do you go?

I suppose Walmart would be the obvious choice, but that place would be a mobscene full of people dumber than zombies. Instead I would hit up a local store for beef jerky, water, and as much beer as I could carry. Secondly, probably a gun shop a few towns over in the woods that might still have some ammo by the time I get there (even though the owner would have probably locked everything up anyhow).

You happen across a band member and they are infected but not a zombie yet, what do you do?

Give them a nice bro-style knuckle tap, and a gun with one bullet.

Zombies follow you back to your house, you run inside to arm yourself and can only carry three weapons, what are they?

Well if all the common lore of zombies happened to be true, and the head is the sweet spot, probably a basbeball bat, shovel, and maybe some sort of shotgun

You don’t have time to bring all your stuff, you grab a dufflebag, what do you put in it?

A brick of ramen, gallon of water, cleans socks/underwear, and whatever weapons I could fit in the rest of the bag.

Zombies are breaking into your house, you run out the back door, where do you go?

Light the house on fire, head for the car, and try to get into a less zombie-infested area in the mountains.

How would you travel?

I would take my Jeep. No sense in trying to get a fast car, because the roads would more than likely be all sorts of fucked up. A little 4 wheel drive and ground clearance can go a long way when when you need to make your own path.

Would you look to build a group or travel alone?

If I came across people I knew and trusted sure. I would have a hard time time trusting people in a time of survival. There would be too many selfish, and unprepared people looking for the easy way out by taking advantage of others.

You’re surrounded! Kill yourself or become one of them?

I would probably eat the bullet, only after using up any remaining ammunition.

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