Hi, My Name Is Nicholas Wolf (The Proselyte / Phantom Glue) and I’m Addicted To Vinyl

Nick-PhantomGlue-promo2014If you’re local to the Cambridge/Allston Massachusetts area, you may recognize his face, considering he is either singing, playing bass, or playing guitar for Boston acts Phantom Glue, The Proselyte (who have a new EP on the way via Gypsyblood Records, the new label effort from The Atlas Moth guitarist/screamer Stavros Giannopoulos), and more recently his involvement with Lunglust. Or when he’s not in a band you may see him behind the controls running sound at The Middle East, Great Scott and other venues in the vicinity.

We were able to catch Nick when he was not at a venue or a jam space, to inquire about his vinyl habits, being he is a guru of sound, if you will and has good knowledge (and taste) when it comes to new and old, big and small bands. Get to know Nick a bit and listen to his bands as you read:

Do you recall the first record you bought?

I do. It was the Upside Down Cross LP. I purchased it at Taang Records back when it was in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. I noticed that J Mascis was on it and scooped it up. Looking back, it’s pretty odd that this album beat any Dinosaur on to my LP shelf.

What was the most recent?

Martyrdöd “Paranoia”. I grabbed it the other day. I listen to it on Spotify constantly and when The Proselyte stay in Lexington, KY my buddy Nate plays his copy in the morning. Now I can do the same.

Describe your record player rig.

I have a Technics SL-1200MK5 with an Ortofon Concorde running into a wood panel Luxman receiver that Kyle from Phantom Glue left me when he moved out of my house.

What are some treasures you have in your collection?

Hmmm. Personal treasures include Afghan Whigs “Gentleman”, complete discographies of Hellshock, Wolfbrigade, and From Ashes Rise, and the Dust “s/t”.

How big is your collection?

Somewhere around 375-400 LP’s and too many 7″ singles to count.

What got you into spinning wax?

My folks didn’t buy a CD player for a long time after they were available so I grew up with records at home and cassettes in the car.

Simply put, why do you buy vinyl?

It’s more tangible of a medium than CDs or downloads. You can hold it in your hands and it just feels right.