Zombie Apocalypse: Mitch Pegg of GOMORRAH

Gomorrah-MitchPegg-liveshot-2014In the thirty-fourth piece to our Zombie Apocalypse segment, where we are asking band members what they would do if a zombie outbreak happened, we have the guitarist of the Ohio thrashers GOMORRAHMitch Pegg.

The band originally began in 2009 in Missouri under the name The Harrowing. Formed by Colton Deem and brothers Cody and Mitch Pegg, they then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and changed their name to GOMORRAH in 2013.

After several refinements to their sound, the band have now unleashed their debut, To the Depths. Since releasing the EP, the band has increased momentum by sharing the stage with metal legends such as Destruction, Abigail Williams, Macabre and Krisiun. Combining elements of death,thrash and heavy metal, GOMORRAH play music with a nod to metal both past and present.

You’re at your house alone, when The TV starts transmitting a warning that zombies are coming and will be in your location at dusk. Phones are already dead, along with cell phones and the internet… What would you do first?

I would finish beating the campaign of Contra 3 Alien Wars on SNES with my brother, then charge the horde fueled with testosterone from the victory.

You need to gather supplies and only have daylight to reach 2 locations, where do you go?

First stop, comic shop. Grab as many as I can carry. Good reading material, morale booster and fuel for fire. Second probably a bass pro, snag some guns, weapons and ammo, all necessary outdoor gear. Survival!!!

You happen across a band member and they are infected but not a zombie yet, what do you do?

I would enlist them to come along with me, always in front, to help take out more zombies. Leash them up when they sleep and if ever they begin to turn… pile-driver to the face!!!

Zombies follow you back to your house, you run inside to arm yourself and can only carry three weapons, what are they?

Being as how I have very little of use in my house, I would probably have to go with my Gibson SG for the decapitations. Light and sturdy weapon, easy to carry. Next my pokeball with Jolteon locked inside to start the comics on fire and thunder shock zombies. Lastly a good ol’ fashioned hammer like my boy Tyrese for the up close and personal jobs.

You don’t have time to bring all your stuff, you grab a dufflebag, what do you put in it?

A copy of Batman Year One, my vinyl of ‘…And Justice for All’, some jeans and Slayer sleeveless shirts. A package of blueberry bagels and some Kodiak wintergreen long cut chewbacky, to relieve stress…

Zombies are breaking into your house, you run out the back door, where do you go?

I jump of the second story balcony, land on two zombies, double assassination. Duck and roll out and sprint to the nearest gas station to snag a forty of Budweiser. Down it for increased blood flow to maximize my reflexes and alertness when facing the zombie horde…..

How would you travel?

On foot, I was a 3 time all state sprinter in high school. Ain’t no zombies catching this guy. Call me the flash if you like.

Would you look to build a group or travel alone?

I would look to build a group. Each new member I would have swear allegiance to me and assign them specific duties and roles based on their characteristics and strengths. In this manner I could maximize the efficiency of the group and thus increase my chance of survival as well as there’s. Any who dare cross me would not be spared.

You’re surrounded! Kill yourself or become one of them?

Remember that ‘…And Justice’ vinyl? Id bust that bad boy out and slice my own throat before the zombies had a chance. What more metal way to go down? Copy of ‘Reign in Blood’ perhaps….