DYSENTERY Vocalist Steps Down

Dysentery-WillCaruso-liveshot-201303Vocalist Will Caruso of Massachusetts brutal deathgrind outfit DYSENTERY has decided to step down, the last remaining founding member since the band formed in 2002. Caruso explains:

“Dysentery has been my baby for over a decade, reformed a few times just to keep the beast alive. It’s been an up and down road, with some great opportunity. But, it’s time for me, last original member to step down and close this door that I have fought to keep open for quite some time. I’m eternally grateful for all the awesome people I have met and made friends with. There are tons of awesome singers out there and in sure the position will be filled quickly. It is just no longer enjoyable/ fun for me to be in DYSENTERY.”

The last offering from DYSENTERY was their second full length, Internal Devastation, released in 2011 by Comatose Music. Prior to this, the band has released a handful of demos, a split with Gutrot, and their first full length via Dilapidated Enterprises and Amputated Vein Records, respectively.