Band of the Day: GOBLET

Goblet-liveshot-2013With the Band of the Day segment, every day we will help expose you to a new band, enlighten you to a band you simply haven’t heard of, or give you a quick run down on what’s happening with an old favorite.

Location: Massachusetts, USA
Genre: Thrash/Crossover
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

GOBLET is an aggressive thrash band from Pittsfield, MA. Formed in late 2013, the band is working on their debut EP effort expected to be released next month.

The band has only played two shows and is steadily developing a fan base. Aside from the, as of yet untitled EP, the band will also have shirts and buttons for you super fans. At this time no other details about the releases has been offered, but they have releases on track from it called “Dragons In Space.”  If you’re into violent dragons descending from the galaxy to pillage villages and steal people, yet humans being triumphant defending against them, then it’s suggested yo listen to the track below: