Warning! Promotion Outfit Offering Scam Project

SuperficialPlagues-ScreenShot-02Here at Nefarious Realm, as many of you know, avoid drama subjects and stick to real content and news. Granted this article may fall under both real content and news, this has the potential to create some controversy, but in light of our efforts to support  bands of all sizes, including unsigned bands, this is flat out wrong and is a prime example of what’s wrong in the metal and hardcore scene.  Perhaps this is all a misunderstanding, perhaps this person has been fooled themselves and simply doesn’t know any better.  Regardless, this needs to be brought to attention before this gets too far and people [potentially] suffer from a bad decision. I blame negative, awful deathcore music…

SuperficialPlagues, one of many [lame] Facebook band/music “promotion” pages where all they do is post either music videos of the huge  trendy bands or small unsigned bands that sound exactly the same as the huge trendy bands. Pages with administrators that come off as an authority and knowledgeable source of the industry, some before even graduating high school.  I don’t mean to bash every Facebook promotion page, as some actually do a really good job and (gasp) contend with websites such as this simply based of convenience and other factors. I am also not stating we are the authority but Nefarious Realm is definitely earning it’s way. Below you can read more about a “program” that will get a band thousands. Also, there’s a video used to sway gullible musicians, and some screenshots to give you clearer insight.

Jonathan Ortizzle, the main man behind, SuperficialPlagues posted on their Facebook page on February 11th, 2014 calling for attention from unsigned bands stating “big things” are coming their way from SuperficialPlagues and have launched a “really cool” project for up and coming bands. You only need to have valid ID, be in a band, have a debit/credit card and have at least two of members with the same requirements to participate.”We expect this project to do amazing things for you and your band’s future!” ends the statement which includes links to quite a suspicious and no so typical medium for ANY band to approach to “make it,” view the below quote taken from the post:

“We are looking for at least 50 people (each belonging to a different band) who are looking for a real chance at making it in the metal music industry.”

Why do you need a credit card? That’s a very good question. To join the program, you need to fork over $500. BUT, have no fear, you’re make it right back plus and etra $100 if you follow the program, which leads to making a repeat $7-10,000.  Zoinks! That’s roughly $30,000 between 3 members! Sure. It all leads to a pyramid scheme. You sign up, have a few friends, sign up… you pay them… then at the end you are advised you will receive an email with all the juicy knowledge of how the program works.  I for one am not going to exchange my financial account info and risk $500 to see if this is actually works. But you know what they say, if it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s most likely a dumbass trying to scam people.

Sure the program states that’s it’s not for everyone and uses certain words and phrases that could be then used to counter argue any failure to recover your initial $500, not to mention, receive thousands which is “guaranteed.” I did, to be honest in a more aggressive fashion, respond to their post flat out calling them out and making various points basically stating and giving example of more beneficial ways a band, nevermind one sole member, could spend $500 on. Within a half hour, my posts were deleted and I was blocked from the page.  If only I had screenshots to prove this. So I used a regular profile created for NRP to re-post similar questions and statements and took a screen shot, feel free to check their page to see if it’s still there as at the moment of publishing this, we are having quite a conversation.

Oh, towards to end of the clip below, the gentleman with the totally not-metal voice, states that there are some heavy hitters, organizations, and massive amounts of people from Asia getting involved.  …How does the latter come into play to benefit here?  No racism at all, but it simply struck me as a very odd statement.  The is no “public” information, detailed nor concrete, information of what the program actually is, what it’s comprised of, or actually anything for that matter. All it is a some smooth talk asking for your credit card info and funds.

Speaking of funds, this comes after the page has in the past asked for donations, quote below. Which is totally find in this age of crowd funding, we have a donate link for us too that we post time to time. But you don’t see us trying to scam you. Until Nefarious Realm “makes it” most funds come out of my pocket.

“Hey guys, Jonathan here; DXG (Dan) and I have been working real hard on this page. We have lots of ideas that’ll probably become a reality down the road. But, in order to get this idea rolling, we’d need some contribution from our fans/people who like us/lovers/. If you want to help us guys out, just throw some money at us via PayPal. Our PayPal email is Jonleny8587@icloud.com”

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