Review: JUNIUS – ‘Days of the Fallen Sun’ (Prosthetic)

Junius-DaysOfTheFallenSun-EPcoverArtIf the end of the world needed a soundtrack, there wouldn’t be a more appropriate choice than Days of the Fallen Sun, the new EP from Boston post rock masters Junius.

Despite clocking in at only 25 minutes, the prequel to the band’s beloved 2009 debut The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist takes the listener on a dense, complex voyage that musically rivals ground tread by many releases twice its length. Each of the four main tracks is permeated by harrowing atmosphere and somber melodies, all masterfully woven into some of the strongest pieces the quartet has ever released.

“…Days of the Fallen Sun stands as a testament to adventurous songwriting and one of the strongest releases yet…”

The Time of Perfect Virtue” and “A Dark Day With Night” see Junius demonstrating the crushing, atmospheric heaviness they’ve inarguably perfected over the course of their decade-long career. It’s no small task to bring to mind bands like Neurosis and Godflesh at the same time as The Cure and Morrissey, but the group deftly navigates between the sonic arenas of crushing and brooding with skill that frequently surpasses even that of their obvious influences. The latter half of the EP sees Junius exploring these extremes even further, with “Battle in the Sky” bringing a ferocious climax before “Forgiving the Cleansing Meteor” closes the journey with its hypnotic rhythms and chants.

The only faults really present here are the interludes. With such a highly conceptual band like Junius, a bit more should be expected from these interstitial tracks. While their presence is justifiable, they just aren’t composed as well as they could be to really weave the main songs together and end up more jarring than cohesive. Ultimately, this is just a minor hiccup as Days of the Fallen Sun stands as a testament to adventurous songwriting and one of the strongest releases yet from a group already esteemed among fans and peers alike. If you’re new to the gloomy grandiosity that Junius brings to the table, this serves as an excellent introduction to a nearly flawless catalog.


RATING: 9 / 10

By: Adam Cutler
Band: Facebook
Order: Digital | Pyshical