FRANK CASTLE Has Come To Punish Your Ears!

FrankCastel-VigilanteJustice-MasterDiscHitting you faster than a spin kick from Jean-Claude Van Damme, with more force than Chuck Norris, harder than a punch from Steven Seagal comes a new band hailing from Massachusetts that is sure to punish. … Well they better considering the band name is FRANK CASTLE. Their debut EP, Vigilante Justice, is expected to come out later this February. FRANK CASTLE recorded Vigilante Justice with brutalist Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead, Hands of Mercy, Deez Nutz, In The Direction Of The Sun) earlier this year at The Brick HitHouse.

Vigilante Justice track listing:
The Perfect Weapon
They Live
Hard To Kill
I Come In Peace…
A Force Of One