Exclusive: Premiere of ETCHED IN STONE’s New Song

We have teamed up with central California death metal band ETCHED IN STONE to premiere a brand new song entitled “At The Altar of Lethe“. The track comes from their forthcoming full length album, The Failure of Modern ManETCHED IN STONE vocalist/producer Brian Lewis, had the following to say about the single and the forthcoming album:

“After a two year hiatus it’s exhilarating to finally say ‘We’re back!’ Due to line up changes and having members living in different parts of the state, we’ve had to do what many other bands have done… sending files back and forth and creating an album piece by piece. And despite taking a bit longer to do things that way, it has definitely worked out for us. The first single, ‘At the Altar of Lethe,’ is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of what to expect from our forthcoming full length, ‘The Failure of Modern Man.’ We’ve added elements we have talked about for years and feel that we’ve evolved further toward creating our own sound with this record. As musicians, we’ll always be striving to make the next release better than the last, and we feel that ‘The Failure of Modern Man’ is a logical progression that showcases that quite nicely! We hope you all enjoy!”

The Failure of Modern Man
is the follow up to ETCHED IN STONE‘s 2010 debut full length, Emulate The Defiler, which the band self released via Bandcamp. The upcoming album is tentatively slated to see a release this summer.