Daily Dose: ROMERO

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Date: 02/03/2013
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Genre(s): Post-Metal, Sludge
For Fans Of:  Baroness, Sleep, Red Fang, Neurosis
LinksFacebook – Bandcamp

ROMERO’s Jeffrey Mundt spent most of the 90’s behind the drum kit for a variety of bands including Bovine RecordsTHUG & punk legends, NAKED AGGRESSION. A long-time guitar player & songwriter, he often dabbled with fronting a band, but never pursued it seriously. Enter: a move to northern WI, a random Craigslist ad, a casual writing and recording session (with Mundt handling vocals, guitar & drums!) & ROMERO was born!

The band just released their Take The Potion LP on January 29, 2013 and intends to continue to tour until the wheels fall off.