Exclusive: HIVESMASHER Reveal New Track, “The Shit Waltz”

Hivesmasher - Gutter Choir - album cover artWe are pleased to premiere new music from Massachusetts natives HIVESMASHER as part of our theme week devoted to Black Market Activities and the label’s fall releases.

Stream HIVESMASHER‘s “The Shit Waltz” after the jump!

HIVESMASHER‘s debut for BMAGutter Choir hits stores October 23rd. The album features guest vocals from The Red Chord frontman and Black Market Activities boss Guy Kozowyk, as well as Fit For an Autopsy/Premonitions of War vocalist Nate Johnson along with Eric Taranto of Dysentery and Jake Burns of Pathogenic.

HIVESMASHER‘s own description of their sound:

“A giant middle finger waved in the world’s general direction.”